Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i'm back - alive and kicking

Dear Family and Friends
I am in TX visiting Robyn, Allen and their family. I come down with them after they put Jon in the MTC in Provo on Dec 3, 2008. It really has been great being with them and getting acquainted with my little boys - great grandsons. Moses, Allen Jr.Jr. or J.J. as I call him and Benjamin. It really is something to see my grandchildren being parents. I have had so much fun playing, singing, and rocking with them. And it was so great visiting and talking with Allen and Solo and Marcie and Mike. I have done a lot of shopping and getting Allen and Robyn used to parking in the handicap space. They have a very nice home and live in a great ward. Last Sunday in Sunday School I was able to them about about Grandpa Harris and my dear Grandmother Sariah. I have been working on Eric's Quilt and putting together a very hard puzzle. It has been wonderful being here with Steven and see him grown up. He is taller than me and doing so great in school. He wants to be a doctor so is taking med classes in High School and belongs to a medical club. With Allen Jr going to school to become a lawyer and Steven a doctor I will have a lot of help in my old age. The weather here has been cold to hot and everything in between. I am going home the 3rd week in Feb. I have 2 doctors appointments and a dentist appointment the first part of March. I have been doing pretty good. With Marcie's help I am finally learning how this blogging works. I hope I remember. I couldn't remember my password so Marcie called Jenny to ask what it was. Jenny said It is her name Shirley Rook can't she even remember her name. It was pretty funny and we all had a good laugh. Love you all so much and I am glad to be in Tx with rain instead of all the snow they have had in Salt Lake. Kiss all my Grandbabies and tell them this old Grandma loves them lots. Closing for now Grandma Rook

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello Grandma

I added Lacey's blog to your list so you also read hers.

Love You!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

News for today

Everything is okay with my health and heart, the operation to improve "Bionic Grandma" is scheduled for Tuesday, February 12. I'm to be in the hospital until February 18, and then home for five or six weeks, at which time I'll begin training for the Deseret News Marathon.

I have finished entering 1,075 names for the Chapman / Rook Ancestory file - they'll be submitted to Temple ready soon. Any names that output from Temple ready that need work will be distributed among the family for the work to be completed, more to come on that.

I love you all, happy Valentine's day, Hugs and Kisses - Grandma

Thursday, January 31, 2008

This is Grandma learning how to blog!!

Hi family,
I Love the Blog!!! Jenny is talking me though this. Hope I get it right.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Martin Harris

I found this picture of Grandpa Harris, Wesley drew for SLCC and I thought you would enjoy having it on your blog.

We only live 45 minutes from Grandpa's home and farm, here are a couple of pictures. The original structure is still there but it has been remodeled and there is a family that lives in part of the house. We were told it was still the grandest home in the area, it was beautiful.

The house is only a couple of miles away from the printing press. I was surprised at how far he lived from the Smith farm, to go back and forth as much as he did must of taken a lot of dedication.